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Federal Retirement Benefits


You have arrived at the beginning of your journey that started when you were first hired into federal service.  Congratulations on completing your career as a federal employee!  You are now on your way to becoming a CSRS or FERS annuitant.   As you begin to accomplish the tasks necessary to achieve a satisfying and comfortable life after retirement, Tammy Flanagan and her staff at Retire Federal will be with you to guide your steps. 


You will find that some of the decisions that you will make along the way will not have a right or wrong answer, but an answer where one choice will be better than the other for your individual situation.  We will provide the pros and cons of these important elections and the simple and clear explanation of "why" and "why not!" 


You will be equipped and guided towards making your own conclusions to which option will provide the better outcome.  



Federal Employees Retirement System;  Generally first hired as a civilian federal employee in 1984 or later or transferred to FERS from CSRS.



Civil Service Retirement System:  Generally first hired before 1984.  Also includes CSRS Offset coverage.

*Your cost of joining the "Members Only" area will be applied to the cost of your consultation!


If you would like to work one-on-one with one of our experienced and knowledgeable Retire Federal Retirement Benefits Experts, click HERE to schedule an appointment for a full pre-retirement consultation. 


We also have provided an array of financial planning resources HERE.


Financial planning or tax planning is the next logical step once you have a good understanding of how your retirement benefits work and how you can make them work for you.  You can find information about working with a financial professional and we have provided a short list of trusted professionals that Tammy and her team have worked with who are familiar with federal retirement benefits, have long experience helping federal workers achieve their retirement goals and who understand the value of your hard-earned retirement benefits.  You will find that information HERE

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