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Individual Counseling Client

"Karen- Thank you so much for helping me work though the administrative process and for doing the legwork to be able to get an appointment with Herb Casey. The meeting went extremely well. Excellent information and a great help to me. We have some additional work to do but he helped to ensure I am on the right track. Very, very much appreciated!"    


Individual Counseling Client

"Thanks to Tammy's advice, I retired in luxury.  I make more today in retirement than I ever earned working 44 years for the Federal Government.  Only a small portion of that income is from private investments.  

Do not pass up an opportunity to participate in one of Tammy’s retirement seminars.  I retired from NIH in 2012 with a far larger pension package than I was led to expect thanks to Tammy’s seminar and her personal advice.  During the last decade of my 32-year Navy career, I had to convert to a reserve commission to enable some special assignments that included working in DOT and the White House – sometimes in a military capacity – sometimes civil service.  Her seminar showed me how to significantly increase my OPM pension by including those assignments.  In addition, conflicted over a Roth conversion, her organization ran my numbers and confirmed that in my case I would be better off not converting.  Time has proven that advice to be sage as well. "


Individual Counseling Client

"I was really impressed with the depth of knowledge of the federal retirement process and the diligence of Bob Braunstein (you were on top of it Bob- Thank you ever so much! You really are performing a "labor of love" Tammy- we sincerely thank you for assembling such a tremendous team- from your taking the time to speak with us directly- to the patience and thoroughness of Karen- and to the really personable and meticulousness of Mr. Braunstein

 The process of going through retirement is such a difficult season to experience, what with all the decisions that need to be processed and finalized...and not the least of which is the emotional roller coaster of memories that rumble thru one's mind, as one prepares to embark on a very different direction in life's journey. You folks at RetireFederal made it not only bearable but were very compassionate throughout the process. You are genuinely a class act. 



Individual Counseling Client

"Just a quick note to say thank you (again) for the assistance you provided via email correspondence going back to 2003 as I prepared for 6c retirement from U.S. Customs where I had been a special agent in South FL for many years. I've been retired for 15 years now and I have never forgotten how much your providing a sounding board for my financial plans helped me to enter this phase of life with much less trepidation. (I retired at 51.) The plan has worked splendidly and I'm happy to say that our assets are significantly greater than at retirement, we are completely debt free, own our home and vehicle outright, and are able to meet our expenses via my pension without having to withdraw from our investments. In fact, I save and invest a decent portion of the pension monthly. I'm sure you know how much your counsel has benefited others over the years but I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that it will never be overlooked or forgotten by me.  Keep up the great work. "


Individual Counseling Client

"Tammy, I just want to let you know how tremendously helpful my wife and I found the phone consultation with James Marshall.  As I told him, it felt as if we had been through a retirement and federal benefits seminar in which the subject was my wife and I.  

I had no idea that I would get so much information, or that I would get that much detail.  We’re still processing James’ comments, suggestions, and recommendations, and will continue to return back to his report to remind ourselves about what he said.


I had originally asked Marilyn Park, the National VA Council Lobbyist for AFGE (she leads a monthly phone conference for AFGE physicians) for a recommendation about retirement and benefits, and she had referred me to NARFE, which I subsequently joined.  I’ve let Marilyn know about and how pleased we were with James' consultation, so that she can let other docs or union members know."  


Individual Counseling Client

"Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience and insights about the retirement process.  I feel like I have a great retirement coach that is both competent and compassionate.  Your guidance and suggestions give me a steady course to pursue my personal retirement plans." 


Individual Counseling Client

"In my case, pre-retirement counseling not only enabled me to make better decisions with respect to Medicare and survivor benefits, but it also lead me to receiving thousands of dollars I might not otherwise have received. For me it was a sound investment (at a reasonable cost) and I'm hoping I'll have a long and healthy retirement to enjoy it!"



"Thank you so much for your very informative presentation on retirement benefits. You're obviously very knowledgeable on the topic and a great speaker, but I was also impressed with your patience, generosity, and endurance in answering so many questions during breaks that you were unable to have a break."


Individual Counseling Clients

"Thank you for the consultation and the additional information.  It all made Mark and I much more relaxed about the retirement process and confident we have covered all the bases!"


Individual Counseling Client

"I feel much more comfortable with my decision to retire. Your counsel made all the difference. Thank you."



"I got more out of this 30 minutes than I have in the past few seminars I attended.”


Retirement Planning Follower

I wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to Tammy Flanagan for her valuable advice, tips and guidance over the years regarding federal employee retirement! I always read her articles on the site. I am retiring from the DoD on 12/31/2021 and Tammy's articles have helped me plan and get ready for that day.


Individual Counseling Client

I have wonderful news!!! My mom’s checking account received a large deposit this morning from OPM!!  I cannot even tell you how this feels. It is such a relief, and I can feel all that stress and fear starting to dissipate. Now mom can live out her remaining years with dignity and peace.
I am so grateful to God, to YOU Tammy Flanagan, and to Senator Rubio. I can never thank you enough for your kindness and compassion to my mom during this time. It would have never happened without you. Never. 

To our valued clients, we appreciate you choosing us to help you with your retirement benefits needs! Please let us know how we did in the form below.


Retire Federal's team is committed to providing a professional and worthwhile experience for our clients.  Tammy Flanagan and her team promise 100% satisfaction!  Our service doesn't always end when the meeting ends. We offer follow up Q & A's for all of our clients as well as opportunities for a refresher consultation at a future date in the event that there are changes in your situation or changes in your heart and mind regarding your plans for the future.  We like to hear how we're doing! 

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