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Individual Counseling Client

"Whenever I read an article by you it makes me smile.   I took at least 3 classes that you taught at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation while employed there from 1995-2012.   Prior to that, I attended a class at OPM that you taught.  I retired with 35 years of Federal service under CSRS.

The information I gained has served me well by helping me make decisions.   My wife of 44 years and I have always lived a modest lifestyle and my annuity by itself has allowed us to travel and be debt-free.  

One of those lessons was the beginning of the TSP for me in 1990-1991.   I asked my wife if we could join the TSP and place $20 a pay period into the then G fund.   She said “no”.  I received a step increase, enrolled in the TSP, and had the $20 deducted.   She never knew because the step increase hid the $20.   From that point forward, every time I received a promotion, step increase, or a January pay raise, I increased my TSP contribution without her knowledge eventually hitting $22,000 a year.  PBGC needed me to work more than 40 hours a week and I earned lots of overtime/straight pay.   I would always get the mail out of the mailbox and she never saw any of the statements until I was on travel and she spotted a statement when she got the mail.

When I came home, she asked me about the TSP.   I told her to open the statement.   She gasped and said where did this come from?    I told her about that $20.   Today I am 70 and have close to $500,000 in the TSP fund.  Now my problem is to figure out what to do with it.   I have 3 years to do that.

Another decision was Long Term insurance offered by the Feds which you addressed at a seminar.   At that time it was offered by John Hancock and Met Life.   WAEPA was also offering it and we opted for WAEPA’s coverage because they gave us a discount for insuring both of us.   We still have it and know it's there in case we need it.   Because I worked at PBGC, I would take some classes over again every 4-5 years to ensure I was on track for retirement.


We have one son who works for a Federal court in DC for the past 12 years.   With my prodding, he has already accumulated over $200,000 in his TSP all because of what you taught me.  


Our son and his wife had been waiting for over 3 years to adopt.  In mid-January 2023, the call came and they brought home a newborn from Ohio.   Three weeks ago they were offered final custody by the Ohio courts during a Zoom conference call.   My wife and I gave them an MD 529 plan for our granddaughter to attend college where we would fund it for the next 18 years.  


You also helped me during my last year I worked as I accumulated hundreds of hours of “comp time” and PBGC’s HR refused to pay me at retirement.   You contacted HR and set them straight. Four weeks after I retired I received a check for over $50,000 (after taxes) for all of my accumulated leave and comp time. 


I just wanted you to know your knowledge and help over 3 decades made an impact on me and my family.  Wish you the best as you continue to share.


Individual Counseling Client

"Thanks to Tammy's advice, I retired in luxury.  I make more today in retirement than I ever earned working 44 years for the Federal Government.  Only a small portion of that

income is from private investments.  

Do not pass up an opportunity to participate in one of Tammy’s retirement seminars.  I retired from NIH in 2012 with a far larger pension package than I was led to expect thanks to Tammy’s seminar and her personal advice.  During the last decade of my 32-year Navy career, I had to convert to a reserve commission to enable some special assignments that included working in DOT and the White House – sometimes in a military capacity – and sometimes in civil service.  Her seminar showed me how to significantly increase my OPM pension by including those assignments.  In addition, conflicted over a Roth conversion, her organization ran my numbers and confirmed that in my case I would be better off not converting.  Time has proven that advice to be sage as well. "

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Retire Federal's team is committed to providing a professional and worthwhile experience for our clients.  Tammy Flanagan and her team promise 100% satisfaction!  Our service doesn't always end when the meeting ends. We offer follow up Q & A's for all of our clients as well as opportunities for a refresher consultation at a future date in the event that there are changes in your situation or changes in your heart and mind regarding your plans for the future.  We like to hear how we're doing! 

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