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Providing Compassionate
Assistance to Surviving Spouses
and Family Members

Retire Federal is here to help you during this difficult transition 

At Retire Federal, we understand the challenge of navigating through the overwhelming task of claiming a deceased family member's federal benefits. You can trust we will guide you through all of the necessary steps, helping to take some of that burden off of you and making it easier to understand.

Retire Federal offers personal fee-for-service consulting for surviving spouses and other family members of deceased civilian federal retirees and employees.

What every spouse needs to know:   We can help you and your spouse know what to expect when you or your spouse pass away.  Just as it is important to do pre-retirement planning, it is also important to continue the planning to include survivor benefit elections and benefits.  Understand how cost of living adjustments apply to survivor benefits so that you can determine if your spouse will be financially secure if you die first.  Consider the pros and cons of a TSP Beneficiary Participant Account when the TSP participant passes away.  If a former spouse has entitlement to a portion of your retirement and/or survivor benefits, we can help you to determine the value of those benefits if you have remarried.  When a CSRS Offset retiree dies, it is critical for spouse to understand the potential "offset" to their CSRS survivor benefit.  If you and your spouse both have earned Social Security retirement benefits, we can help you understand what happens when one spouse predeceases the other.  If you are over 65 and retired, we can determine the current value of your FEGLI (Federal Employees Group Life Insurance) and the value of this coverage going forward.  


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Leave knowing that you have all of the information you'll need to properly claim the benefits.


Every situation is different and deserves a personal approach with knowledgeable insight. We will guide you every step of the way through the process of claiming these benefits.

What to Expect

Survivor benefits counseling should be informative, compassionate and helpful to you, the surviving spouse or family member, as you navigate the various benefits that your loved one left behind.  That is what you will receive when you schedule a one-on-one retirement benefits session with one of Retire Federal's subject matter experts.  There's an old saying, "You don't know what you don't know" that applies to the time you will spend with a seasoned federal benefits expert.  The end result will leave you better informed and more confident in your decisions and in knowing how to obtain benefits that are due.  We will help with the paperwork for the federal benefits to ensure you’ve done everything possible to have benefits paid in a timely manner.



By requesting a consultation or second opinion, you understand and agree to the following:  *The consultation, advisory opinion and/or recommendations are limited and provisional;  *The consultation is not able to provide exact annuity amounts; the Office of Personnel Management and other governing agencies have sole authority and responsibility for adjudicating CSRS and FERS survivor claims and other federal benefit amounts.

Areas of Expertise

CSRS and FERS survivor benefits

Social Security widow and children benefits


Federal Employee’s Health Benefits Program

Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance Program

Federal Employee’s Dental and Vision Insurance Program

Thrift Savings Plan

Pros and Cons for decisions that must be made before benefits are paid

Learn more about our team, our experience and how

we how we can help you positively navigate this transition. 

Requested Documents

Please provide the following documents prior to consultation

(as applicable to situation):

CSRS or FERS annual Notice of Annuity Adjustment (sent in December to retirees)

Copies of beneficiary designations for CSRS, FERS, TSP, FEGLI, Unpaid Compensation (as applicable)

Copy of a recent leave and earnings statement (employee only)

Recent Retirement Estimate (employee only)

Social Security Benefit Statement

 Thrift Savings Plan Participant Statement

Copies of Death Certificate to include with benefit claims

Communications from the Office of Personnel Management, employing agency, Social Security Administration, Thrift Savings Plan, etc. relevant to your questions and concerns

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