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Let Retire Federal guide you on the road to retirement


The time to engage in our services is when you have questions about your retirement that you're not able to find answers from your HR office, or you would like assistance with completing the forms or you would like a second opinion on the decisions that you are making for your retirement.  This can occur anytime throughout your career up to the months leading to your retirement date.  The majority of clients engage in our services when they are within a year of retirement to double check the numbers and to seek help with retirement decisions such as electing survivor benefits, choosing the exact date, and electing health benefits and Medicare if they are old enough.  Others who are farther from retirement might have issues with being in the wrong retirement plan, they may have issues with their federal service history documentation or they may have an ex-spouse who was awarded a portion of their retirement and need confirmation of the amount.  Hopefully we will be here when you are ready for help with your retirement benefits!